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The current Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress integrates no Opt-Out to disable tracking, which is required in Europe. Here is a workaround for that.

Paste this into your theme function.php.

Then add this to your data privacy document:



Will be adding some basic information about using the current Google API with the PHP SDK, this includes Google+, Youtube and other services. For setting up the actual API access see the Google documentation and Google Developer Console 

Including the SDK (Github)

 Prepare Client

 Set Scope (Available Scopes)

Setup Google Plus Client


Get Google Plus Activity



Will be adding some basic information about using the current Facebook API with the PHP SDK.  Have been updating a lot of old API integrations over the past 2 months and finally solved many badly documented areas of the new API. Will be updating this in the future, as I dive deeper into the latest API changes.

Including the SDK (Github)

Depending on what you want to do with the API, the above needs to be adjusted. Check the Facebook API documentation for more details.

Basic Login / User data retrieval







As part of our complete network upgrade, portalZINE.TV gets a complete facelift as well. The whole website has been streamlined in preparation for the new season.

portalZINE TV


htmLawed is a PHP lib that:

  • makes HTML markup in text secure and standard-compliant
  • processes text for use in HTML, XHTML or XML documents
  • restricts HTML elements, attributes or URL protocols using black- or white-lists
  • balances tags, check element nesting, transform deprecated attributes and tags, make relative URLs absolute, etc.

Take a look here


Just add that to your themes functions.php.


Single inheritance has often been the limitation for PHP. This means that a class can only inherit from one other class. Often classes share the same methods and it would be beneficial to allow reuse and prevent duplication.

In PHP 5.4 a new feature was added, known as Traits. A Trait is like a Mixin, allowing to use / mix classes into existing classes. This means code reduction and less duplication.

Example of a Trait

This trait can than be used in other classes:

Both classes can now use the Shareable trait.

The benefit is less code duplication. The drawback is, that not all used methods are visible within the source-code of the class. So before moving a method to a trait, make sure that you will actually reuse it ;)

I have been restructuring huge amounts of code over the past months and traits are helping to keep things far more organized.

In combination with __autoload its a real nice way to cleanup your code toolbox.

Happy coding

  1. Traits
  2. Autoload


When projects are getting bigger, its always nice to split things up and prepare parts of your code for general reuse.

PHP Traits (PHP 5.4+) are a nice way to do this. Adding multiple Traits or classes, requires you to make sure all are being included.

Here is a nice way to register both with the __autoload function

Traits are loaded when you specify their use in a class.




I have been working on a full integration of fullpage.js into Visual Composer for WordPress. This allows to easily build fullpage layouts, with different pages and full slide capabilities. Also added iScroller functionality, to allow overflow content to work nicely on certain pages. All  of this is working with simple drag & drop :) and can be used by any unexperienced user.

I am currently cleaning up the addon, but I am not sure yet if I will offer it as a commercial addon or keep it for my internal projects only :)

Will post a video later this week.


Visual Composer for WordPress