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Just released a new plugin for jQuery. cubicFUSION Picasa allows you to easily pull images from Picasa / Google+ into your webpage.

This is a simple version, with more to come in the future :)

Check it out

14. January 2013

Slow month

January is always a slow month. Still have a couple of free slots for the coming weeks ;)

If you are looking for a jQuery plugin developer or general PHP developer send me an email and we can talk.
My skillsets are listed on the website.


21. December 2012

nostraEVENT geht online

Seit 2 Jahren arbeite ich mit einem Freund an nostraEVENT, einer Plattform über die man Vorhersagen anlegen, teilen und später überprüfen kann.

Momentan kannn man lediglich per Einladung teilnehmen, eine Restriktion während der Beta Phase. Aktuell ist nostraEVENT nur auf Deutsch verfügbar, eine komplette Übersetzung in Englisch und weitere Sprachen ist aber in der Vorbereitung.



Just updated the documentation for the jQuery Horizonal Accordion 2.60.05 release!


The latest download package features a clean seperation of all examples / options.



Will have the updated documentation up by end of the week.

The examples have most of the new options it included.


Just updated the download in your customer section.

A  list of changes


Just fiished the latest updates and will upload the new version on Monday evening.

  • Cleanup: Split examples into separate files
  • Cleanup: Example js & css
  • Fixed: Events not firing in some configuration (thanks ukaccord for pointing it out)
  • New: jQuery 1.62+ is required,  this might move up in upcoming versions.
  • New: showTimeout, allows to hide the accordion during resizing and loading
  • New: onShowFunctionName, will fire once the accordion has been loaded or resized
  • Fixed: openOnLoad, was misbehaving, has been moved and  works fine now
  • Fixed: Loading by hash has been moved and fixed
  • New: loopStatus Method (start / end ( current element)
  • New: instanceStatus Method, holding current relevant data (elementCount, containerWidth, finalWidth, …)
  • Update: Resizing updated again and checked in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE …
  • New: Version check for the example page, will let you know when a new vrsion is available

These are the highlights. I still have some minor updates on the list, that might make it into the release as well.

More on Monday.



Further updates on their way:

  1. Resizing works now perfectly across Chrome, Firefox , IE . I will post a video showcase.
  2. Easing workaround for IE 
  3. Better status monitoring and consistant implementation
  4. New "showTimeout" option to hide the accordion during load or resizing
  5. Loop remembers state during resizing
  6. Example cleanup & separation

Should have those available for all PRO users end of the week, latest start of next week.



jQuery Horizontal Accordion 2.6 Beta 2 available.

Just updated the 2.6 download to Beta 2. Alle Pro customers can get it.

  • loop status has been updated
  • small update to fix problems on Firefox & IE (currently only a workaround, that I am investigating and will replace in the final version)
  • further cleanup


Since 2.2 some apps can be moved to external memory (App2SD), but some of them wont allow it. Here is a nice easy way to accomplish this for most of the installed applications using the Android SDK, ADB and your connected device.

1. install the SDK (if you dont know how –> search)
2. make sure that your device is connected (adb devices)
3. open a shell: adb shell
4. update the install location of your device: pm setInstallLocation 2
5. exit the shell: exit
6. now most of your applications can be moved ( Settings->Applications->Manage Applications.)

This trick combined with root access, makes even smaller devices more usable :)