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Log.io provides real-time log monitoring in your browser (node.js + socket.io).

„Harvesters watch log files for changes, send new log messages to the server via TCP, which broadcasts to web clients via socket.io.

Log streams are defined by mapping file paths to a stream name in harvester configuration.

Users browse streams and nodes in the web UI, and activate (stream, node) pairs to view and search log messages in screen widgets.“



Visualize your UptimeRobot server status with Upscuits.

UptimeRobot monitors your websites every 5 minutes and alerts you if your sites are down. You have multiple options to configure the way your server status is tracked. Notifications can be send via Email, SMS or via Webhooks to Slack HipChat and others.



logerr displays JavaScript errors in a more readable format and also offers remote logging of those.

Supports Chrome, Internet Explorer and Edge.


23. August 2016

OwnCloud to NextCloud

NextCloud is the next thing after OwnCloud basically shut down.

OwnCloud (stylized ownCloud) is a suite of client-server software for creating file hosting services and using them. OwnCloud is functionally very similar to the widely used Dropbox, with the primary functional difference being that OwnCloud is free and open-source, and thereby allowing anyone to install and operate it without charge on a private server. It also supports extensions that allow it to work like Google Drive, with online document editing, calendar and contact synchronization, and more. Its openness eschews enforced quotas on storage space or the number of connected clients, instead having hard limits (like on storage space or number of users) defined only by the physical capabilities of the server.“ – Wikipedia

Here some links clarifying the shutdown and  creation of the new fork NextCloud.

You should upgrade to NextCloud using the following guide, just like upgrading to a new OwnCloud version.

One thing that I am really looking forward to is the new WebRTC video conference integration Spreed.me.

Frank Karlitschek about NextCloud on Twit.TV – Floss Weekly.



Staytus is a complete solution for publishing the latest information about any issues with your web applications, networks or services. Along with absolutely beautiful public & admin interfaces, Staytus is a powerful tool for any organization with customers that rely on them to be online 24/7.“

Staytus is build on Ruby and is really easy to install and setup. The latest version offers a nice clean REST API to pull issues, post issues, update issues and change the service status. It has a clean and intuitive admin interface to get you started fast.

It also has theme support, so you can easily make the design your own!



„Data science made easy – no coding required. Gluu IO glues data and algorithms together to quickly extract meaningful insights.“

Gluu IO


„Responsive FileManager is a free open-source file manager and image manager made with jQuery, CSS3, PHP and HTML5 that offers a nice and elegant way to upload and insert files, images and videos.
You can use it as external plugin for TinyMCE, CKEditor and CLEditor or as a stand-alone file manager to manage and select files.“


Responsive filemanager / GitHub


FTPbucket is a PHP script that enables you to sync your BitBucket or GitHub repository with any web-server.

It works with Git and Mercurial.




„Mosaico is a JavaScript library (or maybe a single page application) supporting the editing of email templates.

The great thing is that Mosaico itself does not define what you can edit or what styles you can change: this is defined by the template.

This makes Mosaico very flexible.“



CDNperf gives you a nice overview of current CDNs and their speeds. Time to switch from the default to some faster delivery options :)

  1. CDNjs
  2. Google
  3. Yandex
  4. Microsoft
  5. jQuery
  6. BootstrapCDN