PostNuke Pro Modules
Have been working my way through the Pro modules this week, outlining the future roadmaps for each of them. Will publish them on the Pro website soon.

Accept from my development enviroment and some customer programmming and consulting projects, I am not really actively using Postnuke anymore. Alot of the work I have done on the Pro modules in the past is outdated. My way of thinking and programming has changed alot and will change the way those modules evolve in the coming months.

Due to core changes in Postnuke (session table, api changes), I will have to decide if I add simple switches or branch out.
Design / Programming
I love diversity :) After 2 years of working underground, its
really fun to work on many different projects out in the open again ;)

Have been actively cleaning up portalZINE the past few days and
have some more changes lined up. Still finetuning parts of the framework and adding new functioanlity (never ending story), functionality that is also required for a bigger project I am currently finalizing. Also started a new design/programming
project for a friend of mine, that will take most of the coming week
Its a complete community and company redesign.

Well all the things above should be fun :) I entered a beta
hardware test here in Europe, that will swallow some time in the next
few weeks, but will definitely be consindered as fun. My sister is stopping by today and we will have a nice barbecue outside, if the weather plays nice.

Enjoy your weekend