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Chat Rules

The portalZINE Chat channels are mostly a public chat room on the internet that anyone can join from all over the world. As such, there are many users, of every age, who speak many languages and follow many differing customs from your own. It is always safer to ask for clarification of context than to blindly assume understanding of any ambiguous statements.

We aim to keep the channel a friendly place for everyone and ensure the channel is welcoming for everyone.

Please also be aware that this IRC channel is logged and that these logs are accessible in the public domain. Do not say things that you would be uncomfortable having made in-public. Any private conversations will be moved to a private channel and not available to the public.

Unacceptable Activities

  • Illegal activities
  • Scamming.
  • Impersonation.
  • Spamming and/or flooding.
  • Operating malicious bots/scripts.
  • Posting malicious links.
  • Continually purveying misinformation despite warning(s).
  • Publishing or sharing personal information of others (without permission).
  • Promotion of market-manipulation or “pump & dump” schemes.
  • Continual advertising/promotion despite warning(s).
  • Posting pornographic or highly inapprorpiate/explicit content.
  • Hate speech/Derogatory terms.
  • Personally attacking others.
  • Flame wars. Flaming is the act of sending messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting.
  • Continual trolling despite warning(s).
  • Excessive use of profanity, vulgarity or sexual terms despite warning(s).
  • Starting or participating in discussions to incite drama or negativity.
  • Backset moderating/”mini modding”. In some cases it would be appropriate to warn users for breaking rules – e.g. when operators are afk.
  • Begging. 
  • Ignoring operators This rule acts as a guideline and will not be directly enforced with consequences, but if you willingly choose to ignore an operator (usually with /ignore), you cannot complain you were not warned prior to receiving a punishment.