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Let Me Handle Recurring Tasks!

There are always tedious technical tasks that need to be dealt with daily, weekly or monthly.

I offer website & server maintenance solutions to fit your budget and needs. All is tracked via  Asana, to keep you up-to.date about changes and progress.

Ask me about one of my standard maintenance packages or book an hour of my time.

The packages below are specific to WordPress setups (MINIPROTECT, PRO, PREMIUM), but we can work out something that fits your needs perfectly.

My customers know that I do not run a stopwatch constantly. For recurring and active customers, I often do smaller things outside of the maintenance contract, without billing them!

Questions, as well as shorter discussions and their answers cost you nothing :)

Interest in a rehearsal month … just get in touch!


I continue to offer my current customers a discount for multiple websites, as well as annual and half-year maintenance contracts.  If you have different requirements let me know, I always find a solution  that satisfies both sides.

8% of 6 months – maintenance contract
10% of 12 months – maintenance contract

Current contracts are only adjusted after expiration.

For longer, more complex projects and
custom maintenance needs,
please contact me directly.

Get in touch!

Mini –  Maintenance

EUR 50 / monthly & website
This is only for for small websites or One-Pager.

  • Regular website and database backups (local & external backup storage).
  • Security Updates

PROTECT –  Maintenance

EUR 100 / monthly & website

  • Regular website and database backups (local & external backup storage).
  • WordPress security updates (5.1 -> 5.1.x).
    An update to a new full version is not included (5.1 -> 5.2 / 5.0 -> 6.0).
  • Regular plugin updates to provide a minimum of security.
    I am immediately informed of new security vulnerabilities and can always stuff them in a timely manner.
  • Regular theme security updates. More complex updates to the theme are not included.
  • Installation of a free software firewall with default settings, without active maintenance of the firewall rules.
    If necessary, a paid firewall can be installed, the cost of the license is borne by the customer (about EUR 10 / month).
  • Installation of a cache solution with default settings for speed optimization.
  • 24/7 monitoring of the website.
    I will be notified as soon as the website goes offline.
  • Usage of Adobe Typekit fonts for webpage design  (Webfont-Hosting)
  • Maintenance work is documented on Asana.
  • Monthly newsletter for updates & latest information

PRO –  Maintenance

EUR 250 / monthly & website

  • All PROTECT services.
  • All WordPress Updates (Security Update & Version Change 5.x -> 6.0).
  • Support for converting WebP images, via my own interface, if the server does not support it.
  • Optimized .htaccess for speed,  security & funtionality
  • Regular security audits & maintenance of a free software firewall to provide the highest level of security.
    If necessary, a paid firewall can be installed, the cost of the license is borne by the customer (about EUR 10 / month).
  • Instant Software – Error notification by email to me.
  • + 1 developer hour per month to install plugins, optimize SEO or make other adjustments to the website.
  • Check for updated  / new GDPR requirements.
  • Maintenance work and the use of the developer hour are documented on Asana.

PREMIUM –  Maintenance

EUR 350 / monthly & website

  • All PRO services.
  • In total 2 developer hours per month.
  • Speed ​​optimization (page-speed optimization).
  • Google & Bing Webmasters – Tools Monitoring (Observation Search / AMP / Sitemap Indexing)
  • Staging Setup – Test installation of the web page on internal server to try out customizations.
  • The ability to quickly undo adjustments (version control of the entire website).
  • Maintenance work and the use of developer hours are documented on Asana.