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cubicFUSION is my personal playground. I planned to make many of my projects public, but time is limited and running customer projects  always a priority.

I am still doing a big cleanup of my toolset and will see what I can actually share or reuse. Some of these might be useful, inspiration or just an archive of broken ideas  ;)

cubicFUSION Admin Enhancer for WordPress (2020)

This is a free toolbox that adds useful admin features and resources to help you tweak the WordPress administration. I am always looking for ways to easily white-label the experience for my customers.

Visit the cubicFUSION Website for more information.




  1. TOOLS – Collection of quick fixes for common problems
  2. ADMIN-TOOLBAR – Tweaks for the top menu
  3. MENU TWEAKER – little things for the admin menu


  1. SHORTCODES – All dashboard widgets are converted to simple shortcodes. You can use those shortcodes within Elementor Pro or any other page builder that allows you to create custom admin dashboards. This makes it easy to build white-label dashboards, while still reusing all those nice dashboard widgets :)




An addon bundle developed for Visual Composer. This will consist of free and paid modules.



  1. VC-Fullpage ( Closed Beta available soon! )
    Preview | Testdrive
  2. VC-HorizontalAccordion / Alpha
  3. VC-TWIG / Alpha

Horizontal Accordion


The Horizontal Accordion provides a vast amount of options to adjust its settings to your liking and allows you to integrate it fast into your website.

You have complete design freedom and can interact with the plugin through css, plugin methods and external function calls.

Visit Repository

SmartTV Framework


HTML5 / HBBTV framework to build TV apps. Currently used for portalZINE TV.



PHP Class to verify emails in one brief sweep. Minimal configuration needed.
– Whitelist & Blacklist check
– User bad word filter check
– Verify DNS
– Verify email over SMTP
– Check domain ip against Spam blacklists



The matrixProfile provides a visual option to showcase your portfolio or information. Same sized floating boxes are equally aligned in a grid. On click the box expands to double size and displays more information. the plugin detects each row and column, allowing easy transformation of each element.



PHP Class to limit areas of a webpage to a certain amount of visitors.
– db or file based
– define amount of user seats
– waiting list for user
– as seats become available, user moves up until he can access the page



Simple way to extract / export your PCTV Broadway HD-S2 channel playlist and current EPG using PHP.

These files can be reused in OpenELEC/ XBMC / Kodi in combination with the IPTV Simple Client. Also added a couple of other features ;)

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