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portalZINE NMN | Development meets Creativity | 9ce22c41603c3109cda1ab2d9218329c
portalZINE NMN | Development meets Creativity | 9ce22c41603c3109cda1ab2d9218329c

Development meets Creativity!

portalZINE® is a web consulting & development company. Over the last few years, I have proven that even smaller budgets can stand up to the big names in the industry.

I rely on secure, flexible and fast solutions to face up to new challenges in a timely manner. Ideas, as well as goals, are developed and implemented together with the customer. Each project is supervised by me as if it were my own.


Not just words!
Thats what they all say ….right!”

Technology Consulting, Mobile, Cloud & Desktop Programming, Design, Server Optimization, SEO and many other areas are supported holistically by me. There is a solution for every problem, you just need to be open for everything!

I love to explore new roads and help my customers to reach goals fast. Let me help you to bring those ideas to life!

A question that always comes up: Why is your website mostly in English, when you are German?

As a coder & designer I have always been an international nomad. I lived in Africa for a while, played D&D with my english friends, was project manager for an international open source project, worked at and founded a startup in Mexico … English always was the connecting language and that is what sticked with me. Most of my projects are outside of Germany and I often intentionally look for those kind of projects!  More about me here.



Technology is often provided right out of the box, but that does not make it a fit solution for everyone.

Implementing a business solution is more than simply applying technology to a particular business problem.

I certainly do not know everything, but I have worked in the technology field for more than 20 years and have a broad industry experience.



Building cost-effective, reliable and secure business solutions that help you meet your business priorities requires an astute business strategists and technical expert with broad industry experience.



In the past I have provided consulting for web programming, interface technologies, and web site architecture. I have been evaluating existing sites and operations, wrote development strategies, and defined multi-stage project plans.


Web strategy and planning, Process consulting, Technical / technology consulting, Usability analysis, Site audits …

portalZINE NMN | Development meets Creativity |


Getting started

The web provides an unprecedented new opportunity to communicate with customers, employees, and partners.

I help companies and private entities to understand how to best develop public and password-protected sites to reach key audiences and perform business tasks. I make sites easy for users and simple for you to maintain.


Project Management

I provide complete project scheduling, so that projects are delivered on time and within budget.

All project work is done in-house to maintain strict quality control.


Quality Assurance

I design and quality test to ensure your site works, prints, and displays properly, regardless of an end user’s environment.

Sites are thoroughly tested on Mac, PC and UNIX platforms, on all target browsers.



I develop your site using technology appropriate to your environment and supported by your resources. I have many in house solutions that can help you to make anything happen.



I have designed websites for a wide range of clients, so I know what works (and what does not) for the Web. Whatever your vision, from clean and minimal to loud and funky, I can create it. My design experience ranges from user interface and multimedia to custom photography and advertisement design. A balance of creativity and technology delivers perfect form and function in every design.

Whether you are creating a website, intranet / extranet or multimedia presentation, I want you to enjoy the experience.

That is why I balance creativity and functionality for every project, ensuring maximum results on budget and on schedule.

I offer a complete array of graphic services that combine strategy, creative thinking and technical expertise in making your designs stand out and deliver.

portalZINE NMN | Development meets Creativity | server 2023

Website & Server

  • Server optimization tipps (Apache, nginx …)
  • Setup an IRC server
  • NodeJS Status Page
  • Error Tracking and Logging in NodeJS
  • Slack Bots / IRC Bots …
  • General Website Optimization
  • WordPress Optimization
  • Website size reduction
  • Lazy loading
  • Defer loading
  • Minify
  • Compress
  • Combine CSS or JS
  • Image sizes / Responsive sizes
  • Detailed overview using SiteSpeed.io
  • Pingdom
  • Google Pagespeed

portalZINE NMN | Development meets Creativity | seo 2023


  • Keyword research and site mapping
  • Category and tag strategy
  • Page optimization of content and assets
  • Meta title & description creation
  • Structured Data integration & definition (Schema.org / Microdata / JSON-LD)
  • Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Cards …
  • SEO plugin installation / configuration (Google / Bing linking)
  • Reporting and analysis
  • SEO audits

I have another section that dives into this a bit more …

portalZINE NMN | Development meets Creativity |


I love WordPress !

WordPress is not just for blogs anymore! WordPress is a complete content management system (CMS), with a huge variety of ready to use solutions and an open core to make almost anything happen. It can easily be used as headless backend and just use for administration purposes (no need to reinvent the wheel), while the frontend is build on AngularJS or similar technologies.

I provide WordPress design, development, training, consultancy and support services since 2008.

  • Installation / Setup
  • Optimization (see above)
  • Localization (WPML.org)
  • My own developments / jQuery integration & plugins
  • Modules / payment solutions (WooCommerce & Addons)
  • Theme Design (TWIG / Timber / PSD conversion)
  • WordPress API integration
  • JS MVC Framework integration for OnePage Apps / Angular integration
  • Data Import / Export
  • Multi-Site Setup
  • Bootstrap integration
  • Visual Composer / Addons
  • Learning Management System (WPLMS …)
  • LMS < – > TinCanApi Integration (tincanapi.com)
  • LMS < – > SCROM Integration
  • LMS < – > Articulate Storyline (articulate.com)
  • LMS < – > Adobe Captivate integration (www.adobe.com/Captivate)

WordPress provides a vast eco-system and can be used as a pure framework as well. I can build layouts based on popular layout grids like Bootstrap and use a template system like TWIG to make anything happen.

portalZINE NMN | Development meets Creativity |


Mobile First

I leverage my in-depth knowledge and understanding of cross-platform systems, data protocols, software management tools and interaction design to create state-of-the-art mobile applications. Your users increasingly rely on mobile devices for their daily needs. So anything you want to tell them needs to reach them on-the-go – whatever mobile device they’re using.


Go Native

I can provide development of native applications, that are developed with web technology and can be deployed to all current mobile solutions.

Develop once and deploy on current and future platforms.


Go Responsive

Develop your website using responsive design to have perfect access to your information on any mobile or desktop solution.

portalZINE NMN | Development meets Creativity |

Cloud & Social

Conquer the cloud

Handling data in the cloud gets more and more important, especially when it comes to scaling applications or mobile apps.


Software as a service

There are many solutions out there, that prevent us from inventing the wheel again. Software as a service can help projects to scale with their demand.


Build your own

I can help to build an open data structure, so that you can provide easy access to any data that you would like to access from other services or openly share (REST-service).

Here some of the services I have used in the past:
Google App Engine, Parse.com, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Google Services, Youtube, Instagram, Integration, Vimeo, Bitbucked & Git deployment, OwnCloud Server, Amazon S3, Seafile Cloud Server …

I know my way around Web-APIs and can help you integrate them into your project.

portalZINE NMN | Development meets Creativity |


I provide solid robust e-commerce solutions, that grow with your needs!

  • Installation / Setup
  • Localization
  • Modules / payment solutions
  • Design
  • Data Import / Export
  • Multi-Shop Setup
  • Product images & video production


left us a 5 star review

Rated 5.0

Alexander is great. I think everything has already been said before. On my behalf I can only confirm that he is responsible, reliable and a very structured IT specialist. Been working with him on a Wordpress site on multiple occasions.

Michael Böhm
Rated 5.0

Alexander designed our entire website (Kaiakoo / GreenApe). He always works conscientiously and always has a suitable solution ready for us!

Sylvia Gräf
Rated 5.0

Alexander is my brother and he has been our goto solution provider for our logo (vibronet), website, brochures, digital assets, adverts and many other things. Not everybody  can work with family members, but we work together perfectly.

Thomas Dowson
Rated 5.0

About a month ago I approached Alexander Gräf of portalZINE to perform a technical audit of my WordPress website. All aspects affecting functionality were looked at. From the dedicated server and hosting, to the configuration and compatibility of the theme and the various plugins used. From design and SEO fixes, to the development of multilingual capability and a useful search engine, and more. The results were excellent. As other reviewers pointed out, the attention to detail is exemplary. Following this technical overhaul there was no question about retaining portalZINE for ongoing maintenance as well as advising on and executing further development work. Alexander is generous with his advice, making quick and effective observations. Above all, Alexander is a pleasure to work with and takes an active interest in the project he maintains as opposed to simply performing a series of tasks.

Claus Ermlich
Rated 5.0

portalZINE works as a webmaster for our company and provides us with crucial support in the further development of our startup. As a client, we can only give the best recommendation about the quality of service, communication and accessibility is excellent. Alexander set decisive positive accents for us in the following keynotes. Consulting, setting up/supporting multilingual shops, server optimization, SEO, YouTube video API integration, optimized product search

Pelin Yildiz
Rated 5.0

Our project with Alexander Gräf was a great success and was also really fun. He programmed us a professional website with an online shop that is easy to use for both customers and us employees. I was impressed by how attentively and persistently he thought through everything to find a solution for every detail. He repeatedly came up with ideas and made sensible suggestions that will make our work easier in the future. He is extremely knowledgeable about the world of websites and online shops and was able to provide valuable guidance and tips. The best thing was the working atmosphere, we laughed a lot, it was a joy! Thank you!!

Lars Haupt
Rated 5.0

The projects with Mr. Gräf are always great. Totally structured and all questions are always answered immediately. We can recommend portalZINE without hesitation. Thank you for the great cooperation.

Professional, solution-oriented service, very short response times and also friendly. I can only recommend!

Fast and pleasant cooperation. Very solution-oriented and approachable at any time. I'm excited!

Heike Frank
Rated 5.0

A professional for all conceivable solutions on the web. I am impressed and happy about the good cooperation. Without Portalzine we would not have made progress on some projects. Thank you for the wonderful cooperation.

Alexander has worked on different projects with us. Holland America Line, Volvo, Danone, Saint-Gobain Autover and many others.