I have been working on a small Teleprompter Software for some time now and will be releasing a beta in the coming days.  

The software is still work in progress and provides the following features right now:

  • load / save text
  • text styling (bold, italic,underline, font, color)
  • set background color / text color / invert
  • line spacing
  • eye level highlight, can be moved where ever you want it
  • second window with mirrored text
  • set fixed scrolling speed
  • let the software calculate scrolling speed by line height and target timeframe
  • shortcut keys (scroll speed, start , stop …)

The software will be for Mac OSX and Windows, with a planned release for Linux as well.

The first release will be provided at an unbeatable price-point, with the posibility to help shape its features and design for the 1.0 release.

Check the product page for more information and a first video preview in the coming days.