9. February 2017

With Chrome 56, web apps can now communicate with nearby Bluetooth Low Energy devices using the Web Bluetooth API, position sticky is back – making it easy to create elements that scroll normally until sticking to the top of the viewport. And HTML5 by Default is enabled for all users.

Chrome 56 on iOS also adds the ability to scan QR codes directly within Chrome. So many thought QR-Codes were dead, well not so much !



Als erster seiner Art, wird unser Kaffee mit Original Single Malt Whisky veredelt.
Bis heute verwöhnt er viele Liebhaber und Genießer mit seinem einzigartigen Geschmack.

"Beim Anbau dieses weichen säurearmen Grand Cru Kaffees wird bewusst auf den Einsatz von Düngemitteln verzichtet. Die Bohne wurde mit Original Single Malt Whisky veredelt, der sein Finish in Oloroso Sherryfässern erfuhr.

Die honiglich intensiven Malznoten des Whiskys ergänzen sich so besonders gut mit dem Geschmack des Kaffees. In der Tasse entfaltet sich ein schokoladiger Geschmack mit Caramel-Nussnoten und einem edlen, dezenten Hauch von Whisky."

mehr erfahren

10. January 2017

Lakka is a lightweight Linux distribution that transforms a small computer into a full blown game console.
Built on top of the famous RetroArch emulator.




11. October 2016

Kap is an open-source screen recorder for MacOS X built with web technology.



23. September 2016

“The DxO ONE plugs directly into your iPhone with a simple click. Once it is connected, the iPhone’s Retina display immediately transforms into the camera’s viewfinder, allowing you to compose the image and adjust every setting.”

Really love the concept, even though I am an Android phone user through and through 🙂

DxO One


4. August 2016

Epichrome is made up of two parts: an AppleScript-based Mac application (Epichrome.app) and a companion Chrome extension (Epichrome Helper). Epichrome.app creates Chrome-based site-specific browsers (SSBs) for Mac OSX (Chrome must be installed in order to run them, but they are full Mac apps, each with its own separate Chrome profile).”



14. May 2016

Markdown Here is an extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Thunderbird that allows you to write email in Markdown.

“With it, you can write email in Markdown, and then click a button (or context menu item, or use a hotkey) to render the email into good-looking, fully formatted text (HTML, technically).”

Markdown Here


6. May 2016

  • inertia and snapping
  • multiple interactions
  • cross browser and device, supporting the desktop and mobile versions of Chrome, Firefox and Opera
  • interaction with SVG elements
  • being lightweight and standalone (not yet another jQuery plugin)
  • not modifying the DOM except to support IE8 and to change the cursor (but you can disable that)



7. April 2016

Vivaldi is a new web-browser with Chromium at its core and a complete new interface based on current web-technologies.

“Vivaldi is a freeware web browser developed by Vivaldi Technologies, a company founded by Opera Software co-founder and former CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner and Tatsuki Tomita.”



24. March 2016

I wish you all

Happy Easter

I am taking a litte break and will be back to work next week.

Enjoy your time with family and friends


10. March 2016

Spring is slowly arriving … I am more of a summer person and glad that its finally getting warmer again 🙂

Can not wait to get my Inliners going 😉