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IoT is the current buzz word and I will be doing some more tinkering with current solutions this year. I have done projects with ArduinoRaspberry Pi and looking into relayr / Wunderbar right now.

relayr provides a tech stack with Wunderbar, that easily connects included sensors with the cloud. They provide a wide range of API endpoints to collect data and even integrate hardware solutions like Arduino orRaspberry Pi.

“The WunderBar is built for software developers. It is a powerful rapid prototyping and product development tool that enables developers to immediately start creating products and solutions that utilise the Internet of Things, without any prior hardware knowledge. No soldering or electronic engineering experience is needed. Just choose what sensors you need for your project and start coding.”


Starterkit should arrive next week …

Enjoy coding …



Feeds – A Mac menu bar app for tracking RSS feeds and activity on web services like Dribbble, Basecamp, Github, and more. Feeds is a free and open-source App.

Nice way to never miss any of those important notifications :)



2015 has been one bumby ride, which I am gladly leaving behind for what is coming :)

Even though routine is always part of my work, I really had a lot of fun and engaging projects this year. Clients come and go, but I enjoy those that stick around to build something more.

I am looking forward to new projects, new puzzles to solve, connections that inspire and new things to learn in 2016. We all aspire to do what we really love to do. Thanks goes out to those this year, that showed me that this is still possible and that believing in people is still something to live by.

Some people will never learn and those were the bumby parts ;) You loose a little and still can win big :)

Enjoy your off time with your family and friends.




“The Pi-hole can block ads for all devices on your network. All you need is a Raspberry Pi connected to your router. It was inspired as a low-cost, open source alternative to the AdTrap. The Pi-hole works on the the B, B+ and Pi 2.”

Will be a nice reuse for one of my older Rasberry Pis …

Pi-hole @ GitHub


We are getting closer to Boostrap 4 and I really love what we are getting with the first alpha version.

  1. Improved grid system
  2. Opt-in flexbox support is here. Nice.
  3. Dropped wells, thumbnails, and panels for cards.
  4. Consolidated all our HTML resets into a new module, Reboot. Much cleaner.
  5. Dropped IE8 support and moved to rem and em units. Finally REM units and IE8 free. I know there will be still projects with IE8 requirements, but the amount of projects is getting less and less :)
  6. Improved auto-placement of tooltips and popovers. They are using Tether, have been using that for projects for some time now. GREAT!

Bootstrap Alpha 4 / Documentation

11. March 2015

Portfolio is back up

All sections are back up, including the portfolio. Doing a final cleanup and than I can move over to portalZINE TV for the bigger cleanup ;)



10. March 2015

Redesign in progress …

This website and connected services are currently in a transition phase. We are redesigning everything and making some big changes.

Other areas will follow in the coming days.


1. March 2015

Ubuntu Screenshots

  • Print: Save desktop
  • Print + Alt: Save desktop selection

1. March 2015

Mac OSX Screenshots

  • Command-Shift-3: The whole desktop
  • Command-Shift-4: Section of the desktop
  • Command-Shift-4 -> Spacebar -> Window-Selection: Save Window
  • Command-Control-Shift-3: Add Desktop to clipboard
  • Command-Control-Shift-4, Add selection to clipboard
  • Command-Control-Shift-4 -> Spacebar -> Window selection: Add window selection to clipboard


A couple of interesting links for the PCTV Broadway HD S2

PCTV Links

Forum Links