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2023 ends and whats next !

22. December 2023

2023 ends and whats next !

Short look back at 2023

This has been a busy and interesting year. I am always looking forward to new challenges and this year really had some nice puzzles to solve ;)

2023 has brought us “AI” in all its glory, for content creation and in many development areas. There is no way around it and no way to stop the current revolution. Either we adapt or parish as a developer or content creator.

I have never been a bloom and doom person. If I was, I would no longer be working as a fullstack developer.

LM Studio, ComfyUI and invokeAI, are only a part of the local tools I have been experimenting with. I have always set a side a day during my week to play with new tools or expand my knowledge.

Whats next?

New clients, new connections, old friends and thrilling puzzles :)

Its always difficult to find time to work on my own tools, website and experiments. I really hope that I can set aside a bit more for this 2024.

I wish you all Happy Holidays and a joyful transition into 2024.

Keep on coding!

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I am a full-stack developer. My expertise include:

  • Server, Network and Hosting Environments
  • Data Modeling / Import / Export
  • Business Logic
  • API Layer / Action layer / MVC
  • User Interfaces
  • User Experience
  • Understand what the customer and the business needs


I love programming,  design and know my way around server architecture as well.  I would never feel complete, with one of these missing.

I have a broad range of interests, that’s why I constantly dive into new technologies and expand my knowledge where ever required. Technologies are evolving fast and I enjoy using the latest.

Apart from that, I am a peace loving guy who tries to have people around him that think the same.  I truly believe in the principle: “If you help someone, someone will help you, when you need it."

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