The jQuery Horizontal Accordion has been downloaded 280.000 times over the past 2 years.

The freely available plugin was a simple concept, far from perfect and not really solid across all browsers.  So not really fit for live projects.

Over the years I asked for donations to support development, which never really worked.
I asked people, that use it in their commecial projects, to donate a little for development, but that never really worked either.  
I have helped countless people to tweak it and even helped to rewrite parts of it.

It was never about making a fortune LOL, but about a liitle bit of respect and thank you from those that could afford it.

Since the start of this year the old plugin is no more and I am completely dedicating my time for the commercial version.

Which is a complete rewrite, has solid browser support and is moving forward with all the changes happening within the core of the jQuery library.

I think that should clear it up , for those regularly asking :)