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Saint-Gobain WorldCup Team 2014

11. July 2014

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Saint-Gobain WorldCup Team 2014

  1. Setup a virtual soccer team that competes during the WorldCup 2014 in Brazil
  2. Custom plugin integration
  3. Pre-registration
  4. Team setup before the tournament
  5. Players with real images / virtual squad positions and selection
  6. Multi-language setup (13 languages), teams compete in their country section
  7. Facebook API connection for registration and updates
  8. Setup your virtual team, choose players (only one player per country)
  9. 3 players can be exchanged during the tournament
  10. Live football result integration / schedules using an external sports API (Infostrada)
  11. Specialized point calculation for different tournament incidents & rounds
  12. Score when real teams / players score
  13. Virtual country ranking
  14. Play with friends
  15. Top scorer can win a prize after each round
  16. Extensive usage statistics
  17. Legacy browser support
  18. Responsive design

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