portalZINE NMN | Development meets Creativity |I started adding a standard preface to emails from clients asking to work with me. So here it is, for potential new clients, that think about working with me :)

  1. I am not doing subcontracting. I am a full-stack developer and my customers get what they see, which means my full attention for a project. Projects I take on are handled as if they were my own.
  2. For bigger projects, I do fixed project prices only. I am not starting development without a full roadmap, timeframe and specifications in sync with the functionality required to get the project live :) A fixed project price covers all from development,  integration and  assistance in moving forward. Clients and myself hate additional hidden costs ;) Any work that moves far out of the project boundaries will be highlighted and discussed in a timely fashion.I have a reference hourly rate, which I do squeeze if a long term commitment to the project can be foreseen.I also offer hourly rates for maintenance and smaller projects. Projects can also be split up into stages, if needed!
  3. If you want someone that thinks for himself and incorporates ideas, I am the right person. If you are looking for a simple developer that just steps through a list of tasks, I am not the right person for your project.
  4. All project steps will be monitored via an Asana project to keep schedules and tasks cleanly organized. I offer be-weekly updates of the status and schedule meetings, if anything is unclear within an area currently worked on.

Anything else about me can be read here:

If you made it so far and you still would like to work with me, we can move to step 2 :)


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