The PCTV Broadway HD-S2 is currently my favorite network sat receiver. It is tightly integrated into many of our network clients.

As the PCTV Broadway HD-S2 provides a nice and clean REST Api, I decided to start writing a small desktop client to access the streams and recordings (My main focus is Mac OSX / Linux for now). Sure, you can use VLC for that or just use the web interface, but I wanted something more customizable .

The Broadway PHP Api is working nicely and I am tempted to integrate the same functionality into the desktop client  :)

Basic functionality working so far:

  • Auto-discover Broadway on the network (which is more of a hack, but works nicely)
  • Check stream availability
  • Channel listing
  • Working on a channel preview grid
  • Select favorites
  • Watch live streams
  • EPG now and upcoming  ….soon ;)