Death to JavaScript Rock Stars!

I normally don’t get involved in such discussions anymore, but could not keep my mouth shut.

Not really sure why anyone complained about the rockstar. I thought it was a fresh approach. I was laughing when I heard that people brought the design down. Really, some people need to loosen up ;)

That design never compromised any corporate promises or lead into a wrong impression of what jQuery was and will be. If you can not sell jQuery to your customers because its frontpage is to flashy, you are doing something wrong :)

For anyone actively using a javascript lib, what counts is its ability to reach goals, not how its frontpage looks.

Sorry but a flashier website just pulls in more people , than the current crippled left over. All that talk about script kiddies, that is how innovation happens, how new blood and new ideas enrich a project. Projects that close their door to the so called script kiddies, loose spirit fast. Not just talking here, I actually witnessed it multiple times.

I have been a jQuery fan from the beginning and sad to see a cool fresh design get pulled down by its community. I am sure the jQuery team stood behind the new design and that is what counts.

Well just my to cents.

And guys keep up the good work.