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Particle Network Animations in Javascript

30. April 2024

Particle Network Animations in Javascript

What are particle animations?

Particle network animations in JavaScript typically involve creating visual representations of particles (often small dots or shapes) that move around in a defined space, interacting with each other based on predefined rules or behaviors. These animations are commonly used for visual effects on websites, data visualization, or interactive demos.


Particle network animations in JavaScript offer a visually appealing way to represent various phenomena or data in a dynamic and interactive manner on the web. There are multiple solutions out there to create a nice particle network animation in Javascript.

Depending on the amount of particles interacting, they will all spin up your fan at some point depending on your hardware ;) You can also use Three.js / D3.js / PixiJS or Anime.js to create it, but that might be an overkill.

These libraries offer different features and capabilities, so you can choose the one that best fits your project requirements and familiarity with the tools.

Lastest additions (2024 / 2023)

  1. Particles 3D – 3d Particle Animation JavaScript Framework. Create beautiful moving backgrounds using animated particles on a HTML canvas.
  2. tsParticles / Github

Some other solutions

  1. Particles.JS – Vincent Garreau / GitHub
    Particles.js is a lightweight JavaScript library for creating particle effects. It provides a simple way to generate customizable particle animations on HTML pages. You can control various parameters such as number of particles, size, color, speed, and more. (tsParticles is a direct / optimised replacement)
  2. ParticlePayground – Jonathan Nicol / GitHub
  3. Particler  – Adam Bereziuk / GitHub
  4. Particle Network – Ken Ankomah / GitHub
  6. Particle Network Animations in JS – Alex Wendland
  7. Javascript Particles Animation – Roshin Jose
  8. Connected Particles – Mike Bostock
  9. Connected Particles – Jonathan
  10. Canvas Particle Animation – Julian Laval
  11. 3D Network Graph – Joe die Stefano

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