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Splitter / Split Pane / Docker options

4. May 2016

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Splitter / Split Pane / Docker options

SPLIT PANES / DOCKER allow you to display multiple areas, either side by side or one on top of each other. Nested layouts are often part of it. By dragging a divider that appears between the areas, the user can specify how much of the total width / height goes to each area.

I have been building a backend interface in the past weeks, that forced me to look into ways to organize the workspace more efficiently . I could code my own splitter, but is not a priority right now and makes no sense to always reinvent the wheel :)

Here some of the options out there…

Pure jQuery UI

This uses the jQuery UI draggable component and provides limited options :)

 jQuery UI

jQuery Plugins

Pure Jasvascript

CSS only

Enjoy coding …

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