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jQuery Horizontal Accordion 2.5 PRO available!

23. February 2012

The jQuery Horizontal Accordion 2.5 goes PRO.  If you decide to use the Horizontal Accordion for your commercial projects and always enjoy the most recent release, I ask you to support my work with the purchase of a pro license.

The public release will be delayed until the next full release.
By supporting the development, a Pro user gets early access to new releases and will be able to suggest & vote on new features. I will be adding that section in the coming days.

I will be updating the PRO page with the latest documentation as well, but most of it is covered within the delivered example page and on the current public documentation page.
Thank you for supporting the development.

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I love programming,  design and know my way around server architecture as well.  I would never feel complete, with one of these missing.

I have a broad range of interests, that’s why I constantly dive into new technologies and expand my knowledge where ever required. Technologies are evolving fast and I enjoy using the latest.

Apart from that, I am a peace loving guy who tries to have people around him that think the same.  I truly believe in the principle: “If you help someone, someone will help you, when you need it."

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