I have been developing a simple ajax solution for a couple of customers in the past months.

The gui currently runs on

  • XML
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript (jQuery)

and I have integrated PHP and ASP backend services for my customers.

Its a simple self contained solution, that I am currently cleaning up and plan to release. The system will be called portalZINE cubicFusion lite and will be a solution for those that mainly seek something simple for static sites.

The goal is pure static data for now, with the option to integrate different services down the road. I plan to provide plugins for PHP and ASP and maybe additional languages in the future.

If you are interrested in alpha / beta testing before release, I will provide access to a development newseletter soon, that will notify you once the first release is available. I will be providing more information, once I get closer to a release date.