After receiving several emails over the past few months, inquiring about Script Connector, CastleKart and where I stand with all of that, I felt some sort of official comment should be posted to put an end to any questions concerning all of that once and for all.

Sometimes things in life just do not work out as you’d like, or hope for. As many know, Sam and I worked closely for many years, working on various projects under the ScriptConnector brand name. As of the beginning of this year, our business and personal relationship has come to an amicable ending with each of us choosing to move in different directions. I have restructured the codebase of the framework to my own needs, inspired by the setup system I developed for it last year.

Sam is the sole owner of the Script Connector brand name and therefore my old contact addresses are no longer valid. Please view my contact page for the most recent contact information.

The CastleKart project was fun while it lasted, but I wanted to clarify that the project has been terminated, since we have ceased working on that project for some time now. I am sure there are many other open source ecommerce solutions available to fill that void.

portalZINE on the other hand, has been coming alive again, allowing me to rethink my goals and move forward again. 2008 promises to be an exciting year for me, with a lot of new ideas just waiting to get out. I have an internal roadmap for many things coming, but currently existing and new customers come first.

I have been in touch with many current open source projects and already started contributing to those communities again as time permits. So it’s back to work for me, and I hope this clears up any outstanding questions concerning Script Connector, CastleKart and MagicX.

If not, please feel free to contact me from my contact page.