I have been busy the past weeks getting all of my work organized. Again a lot of things happening at the same time. Must be my karma :)

I was at a media event 2 weeks ago and made some nice contacts, also met the guys I have been working with for some months now. Was fun mingling a bit and talking to other developers as well, had enough cave time (office only) the past months :)

I am also preparing the opening of a new website in the coming weeks, not sure if I will actually open it in October or wait till November. I guess that will depend on the workload in the coming weeks :) Will be a fun new project, that will force some of my current ideas out into the open. Similiar how portalZINE started of some years ago.

Was a really tough transition the past months, moving from underground development back into active project development, while figuring out how to align things for the future. Not really there yet. Being an entrepreneur has its downsides, especially with a demanding family :)