Another of my irregular updates of what I am currently up to :)

1) Finally  updated the jQuery Horizontal Accordion and made the first alpha available. Still doing some internal cleanup of the plugin to make it a bit smaller and more accessible. Also doing the jQuery CSS Framework integration, that will allow to use themeroller themes with the plugin. The first release really spiked my access stats. On the first day about 15.000 people visited the project page alone. Glad you all enjoy the plugin as much as I do ;)

2) Have been working on cubicFusion, my own php framework, which also runs this content management frontend. After the move to PHP 5 last year, I am moving through all core services and doing a global cleanup. Also consolidating the CMS, as I have been doing deep changes for a client of mine and those need to be merged into the development version. Also upgrading all jQuery plugins to the latest version of jQuery and moving old style javascript to new plugins (Alot easier to maintain).

3) portalZINE TV has taken some of my time this year, but as its no money maker, things are moving a bit slower right now. Need to think about food on the table first :)  Will be doing be-weekly episodes starting next month, allowing to have a more regular schedule and limit the workload a bit. Will also be doing some more DIY stuff. Setting up a mac homeserver, without the need to be a command line guru. Will be presenting some nice solutions for private enthusiasts, developers and small businesses.

4) Working on a new Adobe Flex project and thinking of doing some of the cubicFusion interfaces in Flex aswell. Also working on a Jabber interface. Already using jabber in many administration areas of cubicFusion. The latest Openfire release really rocks.

5) As always many things are running side by side. Really feel the need for some vacation LOL So if you contact me about contract work, it might take me some time to get back to you ;) Please do not hesitate to ask, as I am always looking for new interresting projects.

Really glad that the weather has been good to me the past days, as I was really getting office / cave depressed :) Can finally do my daily Inline Skate rounds again, about 16-20 kilometers in the evening (perfect to get that heart of mine really pumping).