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Build an easy status page for your services with Staytus

18. August 2016

Build an easy status page for your services with Staytus

Staytus is a complete solution for publishing the latest information about any issues with your web applications, networks or services. Along with absolutely beautiful public & admin interfaces, Staytus is a powerful tool for any organization with customers that rely on them to be online 24/7.”

Staytus is build on Ruby and is really easy to install and setup. The latest version offers a nice clean REST API to pull issues, post issues, update issues and change the service status. It has a clean and intuitive admin interface to get you started fast.

It also has theme support, so you can easily make the design your own!


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I am a full-stack developer. My expertise include:

  • Server, Network and Hosting Environments
  • Data Modeling / Import / Export
  • Business Logic
  • API Layer / Action layer / MVC
  • User Interfaces
  • User Experience
  • Understand what the customer and the business needs


I love programming,  design and know my way around server architecture as well.  I would never feel complete, with one of these missing.

I have a broad range of interests, that’s why I constantly dive into new technologies and expand my knowledge where ever required. Technologies are evolving fast and I enjoy using the latest.

Apart from that, I am a peace loving guy who tries to have people around him that think the same.  I truly believe in the principle: “If you help someone, someone will help you, when you need it."

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