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Slowly getting somewhere

19. October 2008

After months of preparing portalZINE TV, I think that the concept has matured quiet a bit. Building up a WebTV network in Germany is still a daunting task, as support is still really limited. You have to knock on a lot of doors over and over again to get any response sometimes. And as funding happens out of my empty pockets, its not really getting any easier LOL

Many companies can still hardly understand the benefit of presenting themselves on a WebTV show and especially can not imagine to sponsor it.

I have contact with more than 100 companies, which include software, hardware and service providers. I hope to be pushing our boundaries a bit more in season 2, now that we know how to shoot and edit ;)

Really hope to get mimmatec TV and outdoorMIX TV running in the coming months, so that we can really have a stable set of 3 channels running.

Main focus is portalZINE TV for now, focusing more on the DIY projects and Tipps & Tricks.

Cebit 2009 is not that far away anymore and 2009 we will be touring the ground for at least 3 days. Really hope to be able to present some nice live coverage.

I will have more exciting news soon, but can not talk about some of the things yet :)

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I am a full-stack developer. My expertise include:

  • Server, Network and Hosting Environments
  • Data Modeling / Import / Export
  • Business Logic
  • API Layer / Action layer / MVC
  • User Interfaces
  • User Experience
  • Understand what the customer and the business needs


I love programming,  design and know my way around server architecture as well.  I would never feel complete, with one of these missing.

I have a broad range of interests, that’s why I constantly dive into new technologies and expand my knowledge where ever required. Technologies are evolving fast and I enjoy using the latest.

Apart from that, I am a peace loving guy who tries to have people around him that think the same.  I truly believe in the principle: “If you help someone, someone will help you, when you need it."

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