I have not written one of these for some time now. Its not that I  am
not working, but hardly have time to sit down and comment about it.

has been really busy so far, with me also spending 4 days at CeBIT this
year. Really enjoyed the tech trip.  I have started working on a
fitness website, dealing with trainer schedules, trainee subscriptions,
training progress, motivation notification and a lot more. Really fun
project that will be following me until April.

restructured a lot of stuff within my php framework, to finally comply
with current standards and make updates a bit easier.

I am also
working on internal stuff that will ease the work on the portalZINE TV
setup, as advertisers require extensive statistics and I need to pull
those from at least 6 different video platforms ;) Sadly every platform
uses different web services.

Will try to write more regularly about stuff in the coming weeks :)