Just fiished the latest updates and will upload the new version on Monday evening.

  • Cleanup: Split examples into separate files
  • Cleanup: Example js & css
  • Fixed: Events not firing in some configuration (thanks ukaccord for pointing it out)
  • New: jQuery 1.62+ is required,  this might move up in upcoming versions.
  • New: showTimeout, allows to hide the accordion during resizing and loading
  • New: onShowFunctionName, will fire once the accordion has been loaded or resized
  • Fixed: openOnLoad, was misbehaving, has been moved and  works fine now
  • Fixed: Loading by hash has been moved and fixed
  • New: loopStatus Method (start / end ( current element)
  • New: instanceStatus Method, holding current relevant data (elementCount, containerWidth, finalWidth, …)
  • Update: Resizing updated again and checked in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE …
  • New: Version check for the example page, will let you know when a new vrsion is available

These are the highlights. I still have some minor updates on the list, that might make it into the release as well.

More on Monday.