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At portalZINE TV we produce Internet TV since 2008. „Das Magazin“ is our flagship magazine format that started in 2010 and was broadcasted via satellite for over 3 years (Tec Time TV).

We are currently rebuilding and relaunching the format. The new format will be more like a digital magazine, which combines published articles, audio, images and a refreshed video format. We plan to have the first alpha version ready in April.

Our broadcasts always consist of 3-4 areas:

  1. i-TRENDS.TV – new technologies, accessories, reviews, gadgets, tips
  2. mimmaTEC.TV – photo equipment and solutions
  3. wildFRUIT – lifestyle products and anything else that catches our interest
  4. 5 auf einen Streich – short daily audio podcast, about five remarkable things we discovered online




Script Connector® was a startup I founded with a good friend in Mexico City. Here the closing comment about it.

Script Connector® WebOS – In simple terms, Script Connector® is the equivalent to your computer operating system only for the Web, that’s why we call it Script Connector® WebOS.

Like any Operating System it handles all low level and back end interactions transparently without you needing to worry about the details of how to retrieve pages, render pages, create or manage sessions, users, groups, permissions, languages, data base access, input handling, plugins, hooks, wizards, databoxes, security, statistical services, web services, email services, protocol handling like FTP, WDDX, LDAP, WebDav, and more.

It is also a connecting platform that turns these formerly called data islands, into continents of collaboration where data flows freely, efficiently, and productively.“

Script Connector® Fenix – PHP Content Management System / Framework“

Script Connector® CastleKart – is an online shop e-commerce solution. It allows you to set up, run, and maintain an online store with minimal effort and no real overhead costs or license fees. It combines open source software to provide a free and open e-commerce platform, which includes PHP, Apache, and MySQL.  „