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19. February 2011

Horizontal accordion

I know that some are wondering, if I am still here. Yes I am :) 

I get many emails asking me, if I could update that or do that for them. 
Sorry, but I am concentrating on other projects right now, that support my family.  
Many use the horizontal accordion for commercial projects, but never really thought about giving something back. 
Some sent me $1 or even less in the past, which not really motivates me to extend or fix the available codebase ;) This hardly gets me a cup of coffee ;)
I have been working on it internally, but have no open updates planned for the near future.


Thanks for all the nice comments over at the Horizontal Accordion section.

Really hope to be able to find some time soon, to deal with some much needed upgrades to the script. I fixed the anti-aliasing problem in IE on the example page, just make sure to add a background colour to the container ;)

I have been busy with many things over at portalZINE TV and a huge upgrade for a client. Also preparing new distribution channels right now for a mobile platform and satellite :)  Yeah sounds huge, but still has to deliver financially :) Seems to be my karma, always giving more than I get back LOL

Enjoying summer and parts of the WM, not a big soccer fan :)

Cheers to you all and talk to you soon.


3. February 2010

I am still close by :)

I know that I have not updated this blog much in the past few months.

I have been tight up with portalZINE TV and contract work.

Hope to free some time for the horizontal accordion soon, as I have a rough skeleton of the new codebase in place alrready.

But I dont expect me working on it before CeBIT 2010 :)



Some might have wordered, if I am still around. I am, but workload has been crazy for the past 2 months. I had only little time to work my way through some freetime development.

I have spend most of my freetime to push portalZINE.TV and prepare new segments for season 3, which will start end of September.

I will be taking a break for about 2 weeks from the Internets and be back to business end of September.

The Horizontal Accordion plugin for jQuery will get another rewrite start of Oktober. Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. I have also seen some nice workarounds for shortcomings of the plugin. My plan is to start fresh in parts and add some much needed functioanlity to it.

I also have a new plugin in preparation, called Image Matrix, which I have been using for some months now and will make available.

Also preparing a new tutorial for stretching background images using jQuery, CSS, PHP and GD.

More about all this when I am back.

Enjoy what is left of the summer, I will sure do :) Really really need some vacation.



I have been sick the past days, that is why the next release will be delayed a bit more.

Will keep you posted.



Thank you for all the nice feedback for the jQuery Horizontal Accordion. I am currently finishing the next alpha version. I am adding fixes for IE and the window resize feature back into the release.

Should have a download for you start of next week.


22. April 2009

What have you been up to?

Another of my irregular updates of what I am currently up to :)

1) Finally  updated the jQuery Horizontal Accordion and made the first alpha available. Still doing some internal cleanup of the plugin to make it a bit smaller and more accessible. Also doing the jQuery CSS Framework integration, that will allow to use themeroller themes with the plugin. The first release really spiked my access stats. On the first day about 15.000 people visited the project page alone. Glad you all enjoy the plugin as much as I do ;)

2) Have been working on cubicFusion, my own php framework, which also runs this content management frontend. After the move to PHP 5 last year, I am moving through all core services and doing a global cleanup. Also consolidating the CMS, as I have been doing deep changes for a client of mine and those need to be merged into the development version. Also upgrading all jQuery plugins to the latest version of jQuery and moving old style javascript to new plugins (Alot easier to maintain).

3) portalZINE TV has taken some of my time this year, but as its no money maker, things are moving a bit slower right now. Need to think about food on the table first :)  Will be doing be-weekly episodes starting next month, allowing to have a more regular schedule and limit the workload a bit. Will also be doing some more DIY stuff. Setting up a mac homeserver, without the need to be a command line guru. Will be presenting some nice solutions for private enthusiasts, developers and small businesses.

4) Working on a new Adobe Flex project and thinking of doing some of the cubicFusion interfaces in Flex aswell. Also working on a Jabber interface. Already using jabber in many administration areas of cubicFusion. The latest Openfire release really rocks.

5) As always many things are running side by side. Really feel the need for some vacation LOL So if you contact me about contract work, it might take me some time to get back to you ;) Please do not hesitate to ask, as I am always looking for new interresting projects.

Really glad that the weather has been good to me the past days, as I was really getting office / cave depressed :) Can finally do my daily Inline Skate rounds again, about 16-20 kilometers in the evening (perfect to get that heart of mine really pumping).



The first release of the new jQuery Horizontal Accordion Menu is now available.

  • No dependencies
  • Optional use of easing plugin (still some work required)
  • Close and open content one after the other
  • Close and open at the same time
  • Choose trigger (mouseover, click …)
  • Easily control through external calls
  • Open content on load
  • Open content through hash tags in the url (#tab1, #tab2…)
  • Position of handle (left, right)
  • Mixed handle positions – 2 left , 2 right …
  • Cycle through content by interval
  • Events when animations starts and ends
  • Hide content until all has been assembled

Should work fine on Firefox, IE and Safari. Works in Opera, but still requires to set a fixed width for the containers, defined  through the options  (working on a fix).

Project Page

14. April 2009

jQuery – load CSS first

As soon as you use jQuery to manipulate CSS, you should load your CSS files before you load the core of jQuery.

Something I often had to deal with, especially when plugins check for certain css values, this includes my own Horizontal Accordion Menu.


A small preview of the soon to be released jQuery Horizontal Accordion 2.0 Alpha. Should currently work fine on Firefox and IE. Will be doing more extensive tests on other browsers after the first release.

The examples might not load from time to time, as I am updating live.

First clean release will be available after Easter.

Take a look