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Event registration page for the Dome on Tour 2015.


  1. WordPress
  2. 13 Languages (WPML)
  3. Custom Theme
  4. Custom plugin
  5. Fullpage navigation
  6. Responsive design
  7. CSS3 / Javascript animations
  8. Legacy browser support (IE8)
  9. Registration + Confirmation
  10. Location Information
  11. Saint-Gobain History
  12. Event Image Gallery
  13. Data Export (Excel)
  14. Maintenance




At portalZINE TV we produce Internet TV since 2008. “Das Magazin” is our flagship magazine format that started in 2010 and was broadcasted via satellite for over 3 years (Tec Time TV).

We are currently rebuilding and relaunching the format. The new format will be more like a digital magazine, which combines published articles, audio, images and a refreshed video format. We plan to have the first alpha version ready in April.

Our broadcasts always consist of 3-4 areas:

  1. i-TRENDS.TV – new technologies, accessories, reviews, gadgets, tips
  2. mimmaTEC.TV – photo equipment and solutions
  3. wildFRUIT – lifestyle products and anything else that catches our interest
  4. 5 auf einen Streich – short daily audio podcast, about five remarkable things we discovered online




Ads, posters and stationary designs since 2002.


Find out what type of a cruise ship traveller you are.


  1. WordPress / TWIG
  2. Custom theme
  3. Custom plugin
  4. 13 Questions (slide to choose)
  5. Result: Your cruise type
  6. Register for promotion email, which will hold 3 cruise trips that fit your profile
  7. Enter to win a cruise ship visit
  8.  Store profile data
  9. Export functionality
  10. Stats per question
  11. Responsive design
  12. CSS3 / Javascript Animation

11. November 2014

Online Marketing Cursus

Online Courses.


  1. WordPress design / code tweaks
  2. WPLMS (Learning management system) tweaks & fixes
  3. CSS tweaks
  4. Maintenance & Upgrades


film2learn is a B2B video learning platform.


  1. WordPress
  2. WPLMS (Learning Management System)
  3. WooCommerce
  4. BuddyPress
  5. BBPress Forum
  6. Vimeo Video integration
  7. Coupon system
  8. Dedicated websites per customer
  9. Multi-Language
  10. Custom Plugins
  11. Custom Design / Options per B2B partner



More Than Live is an ad agency, with which we have been working closely for the past few years.


  1. Maintenance
  2. Project fixes
  3. Custom projects
  4. WordPress Plugins
  5. WordPress Themes


Careon levensloop, Wereldstad ann zee, GustoMSC, BodyMentors, StepUp2 – Video Dancing, Vitality Village,AGF Promotie Nederland …


Apply for a career at Nutricia / Danone (2014-2016). The website was setup to offer information about career opportunities and facilitate the application.


  1. WordPress / TWIG / jQuery / Backbone
  2. 3 language setup (Dutch, English, French) – WPML
  3. Content setup
  4. Custom Template – Responsive design
  5. Custom plugin
  6. Interactive elements & animation
  7. Legacy Browser support (IE8)


Nutricia Generation Growth


  1. Setup a virtual soccer team that competes during the WorldCup 2014 in Brazil
  2. Custom plugin integration
  3. Pre-registration
  4. Team setup before the tournament
  5. Players with real images / virtual squad positions and selection
  6. Multi-language setup (13 languages), teams compete in their country section
  7. Facebook API connection for registration and updates
  8. Setup your virtual team, choose players (only one player per country)
  9. 3 players can be exchanged during the tournament
  10. Live football result integration / schedules using an external sports API (Infostrada)
  11. Specialized point calculation for different tournament incidents & rounds
  12. Score when real teams / players score
  13. Virtual country ranking
  14. Play with friends
  15. Top scorer can win a prize after each round
  16. Extensive usage statistics
  17. Legacy browser support
  18. Responsive design