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A library to generate PDFs in client-side JavaScript.



  • Small file size, extremely fast queries
  • Powerful JavaScript centric data selection engine
  • Database inspired features such as count, update, and insert
  • Robust cross browser support
  • Easily extended with your own functions
  • Compatible with any DOM library (jQuery, YUI, Dojo, etc)
  • Compatible with Server Side JS

TaffyDB / GitHub

11. Mai 2017

HKM Stahl GmbH

Custom theme and integration for a GREENTONIC client. GREENTONIC did the design & layout.


  1. WordPress Backend
  2. English / German
  3. Custom template based theme (TWIG / TIMBER / SASS)
  4. Custom plugin for internal functionality
  5. Detailed Product Presentation
  6. Analytics
  7. SEO
  8. AMP
  9. Social Integration
  10. Maintenance


HKM Stahl GmbH


Icon set made with pure css code, no dependencies.



  1. Data source: Array or Function (useful for asynchronous operations, e.g. calling an API).
  2. Styling: Use any CSS/framework of choice (Flexbox). You can also define how items are rendered and change default classnames.
  3. Keyboard navigation: use arrows keys to navigate.
  4. Events: several events are emitted to allow for custom behavior.
  5. Module formats: Provided as an npm module (CommonJS), a jQuery plugin, and exported as the global finder.



Simple way to make sure you are assigning unique IDs to a series of elements.


If you want to do IETF RFC-4122 compliant Universally Unique Identifiers (UUID), checkout Pure UUID.

Seems to be all about unique IDs this week ;)

Enjoy coding…


I am currently building a custom slides / template builder for a project, with a lot of moving parts and dynamic logic.

As there are repeating patterns within the slides, each pattern and its logic needs to be neatly separated.  As the slides can be reordered and dropzones can be changed, I need to make sure logic doesn’t break and IDs get updated.

Before reassembling all templates, I am making sure that IDs match the slide and dropzone using a preg_replace_callback

One of the patterns is a simple tab setup, each has its unique ID defined like vl-tab_U1_S1_D1.

The function below passes the found matches through to the anonymous callback function in preg_replace_callback and offers outside data to the function using use($foo). The $dropzone object holds the current unit, slide and dropzone of the pattern, which can be used to replace the current ID with the correct one.

Really nice combo to make magic happen  ;)

BTW here a nice website to testdrive and tweak your Regex : https://regex101.com/

Enjoy coding …


Inspect styles in a simple, well-organized & beautiful way with this Chrome extension. You can select any object to get more specific information about them. Also a nice way to browse color palettes of websites you visit.



„The Datamuse API is a word-finding query engine for developers. You can use it in your apps to find words that match a given set of constraints and that are likely in a given context. You can specify a wide variety of constraints on meaning, spelling, sound, and vocabulary in your queries, in any combination.“

words with a meaning similar to ringing in the ears

Datamuse API


Read passages from literature’s greatest such as H.G. Wells, instead the old boring Lorem Ipsums ;)