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Villa Anna Speyer – Classic Bed & Breakfast offering with 3 double rooms & bathroom.

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Villa Anna Speyer 


CodeCombat is a multiplayer programming game for learning how to code. The ultimate goal of CodeCombat is to bring more users into the field of computer programming by making the logic and syntax more accessible and enjoyable to learn. The end game is to educate a whole new generation of computer programmers that started their journey by slaying ogres and defending their castles from oncoming enemy hordes.

CodeCombat teaches Python, JavaScript, and other languages directly in the browser.

CodeCombat itself can be found on GitHub under the free MIT license. All the art assets (sprites, backgrounds, sound effects, etc.) can also be found on GitHub and are published under a Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license. This allows easy use of the game artwork for projects of students.

You can subscribe online or setup a dev environment on Windows, Mac or Linux yourself.   You need to be able to follow instructions and have some basic technical knowledge.

While the setup on the Mac and Linux are straight forward, Windows is the hardest to get working! (CodeCombat Wiki)

I have setup a local dev environment on my Mac for my daughter, as she does not play regularly but loves to tinker with it from time to time … learning Javascript!

Used some AppleScript  magic and Automator to ease the startup of the setup when needed. The setup might vary on your end, as I am using iTerm2 as a Terminal replacement.

CodeCombat is a really fun way to get into programming and keep your kids motivated.

CodeCombat Website / GitHub




Really love these. Highly realistic, articulated figures created with the artist in mind.  Over 30 articulated joints make it easy to recreate a desired pose or action.



Voxel Builder is an open source tool that lets anyone design and edit 3D voxel (cube) models easily, right in their web browser.

You can export the voxel, print it to allow you to fold it up using paper or use it as a base model for 3D printing!

Voxel Builder


Robo 3T gives you the full power of the MongoDB shell, but also allows you to easily save, load, edit your queries, do copy/paste, view your results as JSON/trees/tables… and  get a decent autocompletion!

It is cross-platform, free and open-source (GitHub repo here).

10. January 2018

Puron Metals

Custom theme and integration for a GREENTONIC client. GREENTONIC did the design & layout.


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PURON Metals


Custom front and back labels for the tea packaging. Currently only available in Germany.

GreenApe T42 Feuerkieker – Schwarztee


Custom front and back labels for the tea packaging. Currently only available in Germany.

GreenApe T42 Kräuterschorle – Kräutertee


Custom front and back labels for the barbados rum packaging. Currently only available in Germany.

GreenApe Fortune Teller Barbados Rum


A new customer website goes online. KAIAKOO offers private and group coaching events, fire walks and more.

KAIAKOO – Adventure Coaching