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26. January 2009

jQuery – Are you afraid?

Many are afraid that
the modern javascript frameworks like jQuery, Prototype,Mootools distort the base javascript language and moves us away from the language foundations.

Actually same applies to any programming language
and its frameworks. For me it is a matter of personal taste. We are free to choose how much we use those frameworks or stay with the language itself.

I don’t choose
my frameworks by how close they stay to the original programming language, but
how fast they help me to reach my project goals. If some people want to philosophy
about it, they are free to do so. A framework summarizing 10 steps into one is a huge benefit when doing complicated or repeating functioanlity.

For me jQuery is the ultimate tool and provides a good set of functioanlity in a rather small sized package. You can easily extend it through its plugin structure. It provides a vivid and balanced community, that also opens its doors for those that are just starting to get their hands dirty, those might just be the innovators of tomorrow.

jQuery UI


21. January 2009

Change.. We need it

Not much more to say about it, we all need it.

Link: Change.. We Need It


Pixastic is a JavaScript library which allows you to perform a variety
of operations, filters and fancy effects on images using just a bit of
JavaScript. All using Canvas. really amazing what canvas makes possible :)

Check it out

19. December 2008

Christmas is close

Finally getting some off time. The Christmas spirit has not caught me yet, but still have a few days to get into the mood :)

Will also celebrating my birthday away from home this year, yeah I was born right between Christmas and New Year :)

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


15. December 2008

Lorem ipsum generators

A small list of “lorem ipsum” generators, to fill these demo websites with some content fast:


Liquid Canvas is a JavaScript library which allows you to draw
inside an HTML canvas element with an easy yet powerful description
It can be used to add graphics to your web page without ever touching an image creation tool.

  • Automatic generation of HTML canvas elements which scale with their HTML container, e.g. a floating DIV
  • Abstraction of canvas – each HTML element gets a “paint” method
  • Works with plugins for rendering
  • Loads of plugins already exist
  • Own plugins are possible
  • Simplified render language for plugin-based rendering
  • Rendering language uses a CSS-like syntax for plugin styles
  • Based on HTML Canvas, jQuery, ExplorerCanvas
  • Tested on Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome



is a lightweight and powerful JavaScript library that allows you to
turn any textarea into a fancy markup editor. HTML, CSS, XML, Wiki
syntax, BBCode or any other desired markup language can be implemented
and/or adjusted to your preferences and business needs. SmartMarkUP doesn’t depend on any other JavaScript library and can be integrated with any already existing JavaScript library or code.

With single line of code you can turn any general textarea to
powerful markup editor. As far as integration is unobtrusive, HTML of
your application will remain unchanged. SmartMarkUP degrades gracefully
for users without JavaScript without loosing functionality of your

SmartMarkUP is completely customizable and
scriptable as well. Changing styles, implementing new markups, creating
extra buttons and submenus or adding new functionality is a matter of
minutes. SmartMarkUP is distributed under GPL open source licenses, so
SmartMarkUP is absolutely free and you can do anything you like with it!