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31. October 2008

Remove session id from url

Remove session id from url using you htaccess

php_flag session.use_trans_sid off

31. October 2008

Want to be a beta tester ?

Centercode provides a plattform for well known companies to find beta testers for products they are about to introduce into the market.

“OnlineBeta offers you a chance to participate in beta tests of unreleased products of all types. Our members have beta tested products from Logitech, Dell, HP, TomTom, T-Mobile, Polycom, Apple, Midway, Yahoo!, and many other large and small companies.”

If you love to test unreleased products and have the skills and time, feel free to sign up over at OnlineBeta and check for new Beta testing opportunities.

Have been doing some beta tests for Centercode in the past and really enjoy getting my hands on products that have not been released yet, help track down problems and provide input about missing functionality.


22. October 2008

Sevenload pushing for more

While Sevenload still is a small video network compared to some of the big players, it is really listening to its content providers and constantly works on ways to help promote their talents.

Besides the direct distribution of our content, Sevenload is currently the next in line to get our latest episodes. Viewership is constantly rising and I get alot of feedback via Email from Sevenload users.

Here in Germany Sevenload is the best solution to promote your show, as it also provides good quality reencoding of your content.


22. October 2008


I was a big fan of DailyMotion in the past, due to its HD video integration options, but its just not inviting many new viewers to a regular show. I am watching statistics closely and DailyMotion is not at the top of those.

As an official content provider, you need to request frontpage coverage each time and sometimes those get buried before they even got popular.

I will continue to provide my content via DailyMotion, but will shift my priorities to other video distribution networks first.


Glad to hear that, as I am hosting portalZINE TV over there and their support has been outstanding for the past months.

Vimeo is trying to provide pro accounts as well, but from what I can tell its hardly an affordable option for anyone starting a show :)


19. October 2008

Slowly getting somewhere

After months of preparing portalZINE TV, I think that the concept has matured quiet a bit. Building up a WebTV network in Germany is still a daunting task, as support is still really limited. You have to knock on a lot of doors over and over again to get any response sometimes. And as funding happens out of my empty pockets, its not really getting any easier LOL

Many companies can still hardly understand the benefit of presenting themselves on a WebTV show and especially can not imagine to sponsor it.

I have contact with more than 100 companies, which include software, hardware and service providers. I hope to be pushing our boundaries a bit more in season 2, now that we know how to shoot and edit ;)

Really hope to get mimmatec TV and outdoorMIX TV running in the coming months, so that we can really have a stable set of 3 channels running.

Main focus is portalZINE TV for now, focusing more on the DIY projects and Tipps & Tricks.

Cebit 2009 is not that far away anymore and 2009 we will be touring the ground for at least 3 days. Really hope to be able to present some nice live coverage.

I will have more exciting news soon, but can not talk about some of the things yet :)


When it comes to my development environment I have always been really picky. I need a clean and structured interface, not to cluttered, but still adjustable to my needs. I have tested countless IDE solutions in the past, but always seem to come back to Komodo from ActiveState.


portalZINE NMN | Development meets Creativity | gscottolson.com.9dfe91e67a7937293050a81a55113792

Blackbird offers a dead-simple way to log messages in JavaScript and an attractive console to view and filter them.


16. October 2008

Forcetype becomes Sethandler

Anyone getting frustrated with ForceType on Apache 2 will have to use SetHandler to make it work.

Apache 1.x htaccess

ForceType application/x-httpd-php

Apache 2.x htaccess

SetHandler application/x-httpd-php


16. October 2008

Force www using htaccess

If you want to prevent google to provide duplicate content from you,  you can easily force www for your domains by simply using a small rewrite rule for the htaccess.