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I was a big fan of the first Punisher movie,  but the latest trailer of Punisher II or better Punisher: War Zone will hardly make me see this movie.

The movie really flatlines for me from the first trailer I saw. Not a single piece of news has got me excited so far. This will be a straight to dvd for me :)

About the movie


Anybody trying to use preg_replace on multidimensional arrays will see that the function is not working for those cases. Here a quick workaround:


Enjoy coding …


PHPExcel is
providing a set of classes for the PHP programming language, which
allow you to write to Excel 2007 files and read from Excel 2007 files.
This project is built around the Microsoft OpenXML standard and PHP.

Really solid set of classes and I am sure any programmer has come across the need to import or export excel data at some point, without using the standard csv solution.



“The objective here is an extremely small footprint widget library yet powerfull enough to
have all the basic capabilities of a large library”

Really nice start and can not wait to see what widgets will be added in the future. Never used other widget libraries due to their size, nice that JX will try to keep its footprint as low as possible.


6. November 2008

Layoff virus hits sales

The current economic situation seems to be spreading like a virus and more and more companies seem to lay off people to prepare for a cold winter ahead.

The current situation also slows down sales and online commerce, at least that is what many of my customers are currently experiencing. Some of that might also be related to the pre-christmas season, as many  hold back with purchases.

Its no wonder with gas and power prices constantly on the rise, that we are all getting more careful with what we purchase. That is also what is hitting ebay heavily, because less and less people are willing to do those quick emotional purchases.

Well lets hope that its really only a short slide this winter and things stabilze a bit start of next year.

6. November 2008

Mobuzz needs your help

Mobuzz, a four-year-old Madrid-based web studio, says the economic
downturn has starved it of the €50,000 ($65,235) it needs each month to
run the company and has pitched its users a call for €120,000 Euros in donations by this weekend to keep its five daily shows up and running.

I am regular of the show and it would be a shame to see it go.


Gelaskins-Deutschland adds BlackBerry skins to their portfolio. Nice. Currently have a BlackBerry Curve in the studio for testing.


4. November 2008

Smarty 3 Alpha has begun!

Anybody that is doing clean separation of code and design in PHP has surely heard of the Smarty template engine. Smarty 3.0 has just been released as an alpha release and clearly shows how powerful the next iteration will be.

“The Smarty 3.0 engine is well on its way, morphing every day.”



Tommy Maintz has created a fun project called GameJS a 2d game development framework using JavaScript and Canvas.


1. November 2008

Back on new setup

After some short interruption, portalZINE and all its related websites are back up on a new setup. I plan to do another move sometime next year, moving to my own root server, but for now the managed solution will take some work of my hands, even though it has its limitations.