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Further updates on their way:

  1. Resizing works now perfectly across Chrome, Firefox , IE . I will post a video showcase.
  2. Easing workaround for IE 
  3. Better status monitoring and consistant implementation
  4. New "showTimeout" option to hide the accordion during load or resizing
  5. Loop remembers state during resizing
  6. Example cleanup & separation

Should have those available for all PRO users end of the week, latest start of next week.



jQuery Horizontal Accordion 2.6 Beta 2 available.

Just updated the 2.6 download to Beta 2. Alle Pro customers can get it.

  • loop status has been updated
  • small update to fix problems on Firefox & IE (currently only a workaround, that I am investigating and will replace in the final version)
  • further cleanup


Since 2.2 some apps can be moved to external memory (App2SD), but some of them wont allow it. Here is a nice easy way to accomplish this for most of the installed applications using the Android SDK, ADB and your connected device.

1. install the SDK (if you dont know how –> search)
2. make sure that your device is connected (adb devices)
3. open a shell: adb shell
4. update the install location of your device: pm setInstallLocation 2
5. exit the shell: exit
6. now most of your applications can be moved ( Settings->Applications->Manage Applications.)

This trick combined with root access, makes even smaller devices more usable :)


I just released version 2.6 Beta of the jQuery Horizontal Accordion for all PRO customers.
This version is feature complete, but still needs some cleanup and optimization. 

The included example file, should give you a pretty good idea of what the plugin can do and how its done.

All current customers can take it for a spin. The download is available through your customer account.

The next BETA is scheduled for next week, which will have a minimized version included again.

PRO Version



Cleanup of some old baggage over at GelaSkins Deutschland, preparing for a big update in the coming months.

GelaSkins Deutschland

10. March 2012

GreenApe Updates

Just finished some final adjustments for the new shop over at GreenApe.



I am currently preparing the first Beta of version 2.6.

The download will be available in the customer section this week.



I have been working on a small Teleprompter Software for some time now and will be releasing a beta in the coming days.  

The software is still work in progress and provides the following features right now:

  • load / save text
  • text styling (bold, italic,underline, font, color)
  • set background color / text color / invert
  • line spacing
  • eye level highlight, can be moved where ever you want it
  • second window with mirrored text
  • set fixed scrolling speed
  • let the software calculate scrolling speed by line height and target timeframe
  • shortcut keys (scroll speed, start , stop …)

The software will be for Mac OSX and Windows, with a planned release for Linux as well.

The first release will be provided at an unbeatable price-point, with the posibility to help shape its features and design for the 1.0 release.

Check the product page for more information and a first video preview in the coming days.



Resizing works perfectly now. Will be in version 2.6. I am using the doTimeout plugin in the example from Ben Alman to debounce and delay the resize across browsers.

Update: Resizing remembers state of the accordion and continues where it left off now :)


I will be adding automatic image slicing for your handles, which takes a background image and adjusts its background position for each handle on the fly.

Will also add a method to easily exchange the image and allow looping of images within the handles as well :)