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Alertify.js is a small library which provides light-weight, high performance browser dialogs.

Alertify @Github


PNotify is a JavaScript notification plugin, developed by SciActive. PNotify can also provide desktop notifications based on the Web Notifications spec. If desktop notifications are not available or not allowed, PNotify will fall back to displaying the notice as a regular, in-browser notice.“

PNotify @ GitHub


I almost completely switched to Sass in the past year. So organzing my CSS code has become a mission of mine :)

Structure is especially needed, when you are not the only one working on the design. So that everyone on the team can easily understand and contribute with ease. There are never too many files, as files get combined anyway.

Make your own life easier and for those you work with!

Currently applying the following structure on newer projects:

  1. BASE holds files like resets, typography and foundation structures.
  2. COMPONENTS holds specific module definitions, like buttons, navigation etc.
  3. UTILS holds my own functions, mixins and configuration for the whole project.
  4. LAYOUT holds the main files defining the different layout areas / grid of the project.
  5. SECTIONS holds the definition of pages or sub sections defined.
  6. THEMES holds files for theme switches or front / backend layouts.
  7. VENDORS holds those files that are related to external includes.

Which architecture fits your project & team will vary.

Enjoy coding …


Nice simple addon to add a loading animation to your Bootstrap buttons, when doing Ajax requests. Always better to let users know, that your system is doing something ;)

Ladda for Bootstrap @ Github

19. Dezember 2015

Get your load of CSS loaders

Nice selection of CSS loaders, in pure CSS and HTML. Many of the loaders  can be tweaked within an online editor.

CSS Load.net

17. Dezember 2015

Sass Clearfix Mixin



Simple is king :)

Enjoy coding …


Bourbon is one of the Sass Mixins libraries that always makes it into my projects :)

You will find Mixins for

  1. Animation / Keyframes / Transitions
  2. Image handling
  3. Columns
  4. Fonts
  5. Flexbox
  6. Media Queries
  7. Text decorations
  8. and more

Bourbon @ Github


CSS Crush is a standards inspired CSS pre-processor that is written in PHP from scratch.


  1. Auto-prefixing
  2. Variables
  3. Direct @import
  4. Nesting
  5. Rule inheritance
  6. Abstract rules
  7. Functions
  8. Selector grouping
  9. Selector aliases
  10. Mixins
  11. Fragments

For a current project I am adding CSS Crush side by side to Sass. Lets see which of them sticks around in the end :)  Might be keeping them both, as CSS Crush provides some nice options.

CSS Crush @ Github

Enjoy coding …

9. Dezember 2015

Sass Mixin obsession

Since completely moving to Sass, I am really obsessed to make my work easier :) There are many Mixins that really help to speedup development and remove some of the tedious tasks ;)

„Some things in CSS are a bit tedious to write, especially with CSS3 and the many vendor prefixes that exist. A mixin lets you make groups of CSS declarations that you want to reuse throughout your site. You can even pass in values to make your mixin more flexible. “ – Sass Basics

I will be showcasing some of the libs and resources here in the coming weeks. I only have one condition, Mixins should be simple dropin modules so that they can be used universally!

Here one Mixin, I love, that sets a REM font size with a Pixel fallback:




Enjoy coding…