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This is a series of articles summing up some of the key points when planning a Google Adwords campaign.

  1. Building up a Google Adwords campaign (1) – Research
  2. Building up a Google Adwords campaign (2) – Starting the campaign

When doing an Adwords campaign research always comes first!

Keyword Research

Which keywords are most relevant to your campaign and are used by people to find your product/service/company?These are also relevant for the keywords that you will be using on the target website itself.

Can also be adjusted in the long run by checking the log and see what search keywords visitors used to reach the website.

Adwords also provides a quality score for keywords, so that you don’t waste your time on underperforming keywords.

Consistency between the landing page content and Adwords keywords is important. Quality search results are awarded with a higher quality score by Google. Building up a Google Adwords campaign (1) – Research weiterlesen


Launched Danone Generation Growth by Nutricia with More than Live yesterday



Over the past months I have been building a virtual competition, for one of my clients, for the tournament 2014 in Brazil.

  1. Full integration and signup to the game through Facebook
  2. Multi-language setup
  3. Choose your own team of players from the 32 competing countries, with countries only represented once in your team.
  4. Update your team until the start of the tournament
  5. During the tournament your team scores according to real data coming in from a sport result data provider. Team scores are calculated by a fixed rule set.
  6. You have 3 substitutes that you can deploy during the tournament to optimize your team or replace players that have been eliminated
  7. You play for a specific country or you can join or create a group to compete against each other with friends.
  8. Team ranking is provided on country and group level.
  9. Social sharing, invites and posting to Facebook

The project had its challenges and I plan to dive into some of those areas in the future, as soon as the tournament is over ;)